How to Enjoy the Holidays Spending Time With Friends (18 Days of Christmas)

It might seem obvious but I want you to enjoy the holidays spending time with friends. And I have to encourage you just in case you’re like many people who close themselves off during the holidays – even to their friends. 

I’ve learned a thing or two in life, and one of them is that even people with the best friends can become recluse during the holidays. And that’s likely because they already struggled with depression the entire year already. 

But the good news is that there are lots of good people who make great friends and will ultimately help you out of that holiday slump you’re struggling through. So here are a few ways to help make this easier if you struggle with 

1: Reconnect with old friends. Unless you’re 100% anti-social you have at least a few friends who would love to hear from you – especially if they haven’t talked to you in a while. If they’re in the same city or within a few hours driving distance, it would be worth it to also see if they can make time in their schedule to see you face to face. Either way, reconnect with them, catch up and try your best to enjoy your time with them. 

2: Share your struggles with them. Like I was telling you earlier, true friends will at least be there for you and listen if they can’t understand why you’re so sad. Sharing your struggles with them might relieve them because at least they know you’re not just avoiding them. But they will also be concerned and want to know what they can do to help you and be there for you. 

3: Take opportunities to deepen connections with acquaintances and new friends. Not everyone is down during the holidays and some look for opportunities to make memories. If new friends invite you out, go. You never know where the new connection could lead. 

4: Create memories. Memories are what helps build the “house” of healthy relationships. Some of the strongest and healthiest relationships are ones where fond, fun and loving memories are created. Why? Because it helps you look back on how your relationship has grown over time. Plus, who doesn’t like to share pictures, videos and stories of “that one time”?

If you need to connect with other women this holiday season, reach out to me in the Let’s Talk About It Community Facebook private group. We talk about life, relationship, and professional challenges and feeling lonely for the holidays is a topic that we can discuss!


Afi (pronounced Ah-fee) Pittman

Afi is a blogger and author. Her mission is to help you overcome your life, relationship and professional challenges.
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