How to Enjoy the Holiday Season by Trusting God (18 Days of Christmas)

It occurred to me that one major reason people struggle through the holidays is because they’ve struggled in some major way throughout the year and now the holidays are simply magnifying that fact. They can’t afford the types of gifts maybe they see advertised or they see other people buying for their friends and family. They wanted a relationship all year and they’re still single…after a year of one bad date right after the other. Or, maybe they struggled to make ends meet supporting their children. Maybe their marriage was hanging by a string the entire year. Whatever it was, they just had a rough year.

If this is you, you can still enjoy the holiday season by trusting God.

In this scope below, I share what I learned the other day about how – no matter what we’re facing – God can meet all our needs and desires. Check it out:

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Afi (pronounced Ah-fee) Pittman

Afi is a blogger and author. Her mission is to help you overcome your life, relationship and professional challenges.
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