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Access to our private Facebook page, where we discuss topics that are often taboo or hard to discuss in your churches, families and closest circle of friends. All comments and questions are confidential.  

Featured challenges are designed specifically for group members to foster
conversation and share strategies on how to overcome life, relationship
and professional challenges


Let’s Talk Community 4 Week Support Group [25.00]

In this 4-week series, we’ll use the book “The New Rules for Love, Sex and Dating” to uncover:

The truth about sex (why it’s so hard to abstain, why you should, and what sex outside of marriage actually does to you)

How to meet the man you’ve DREAMED about and, dating that actually leads to a healthy, committed relationship and then marriage.

If you want to see what the Let’s Talk Community will be like month to month BEFORE subscribing, join me for 4 weeks so we can talk!


Let’s Talk 1-On-1 [30 Min Session] [60 Min Session]

In every 1-on-1 mentorship session, you’ll receive:

Clarity on where you are in the Let’s Talk Community Lifestyle Roadmap

Personalized strategies that will help you break toxic cycles and adopt new habits that support your goals

Support and resources that will keep you encouraged when you want to give up or when you’re overwhelmed


90 Days of Confessions 2

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Praying For Your Future Husband - 5 Day Audio Guide

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